Electronic On-Board Recorder

Electronic On-Board Recorders

Get Evidence of Negligence in a Truck Accident

Truck accidents are often the result of driver negligence. In order for an accident victim to fight the insurance companies and trucking company for fair compensation, however, solid evidence must be given to prove that the accident was the truck driver's fault. Electronic on-board recorders may be able to provide the evidence that you need if you've been injured in a truck accident.

What is an electronic on-board recorder?

Electronic on-board recorders (EOBR) are electronic devices that are wired into commercial vehicles and log the lengths of time that the vehicles are driven. Truck drivers are required to follow federal trucking regulations when it comes to the number of hours they can spend behind the wheel, as well as how long they must rest before getting back on the road.

In general, commercial truck drivers are not allowed to drive past than 14 consecutive hour after coming on duty following 10 consecutive hours off duty; or drive more than 11 consecutive hours following 10 consecutive hours off duty. If an EOBR shows that a commercial driver had been on the road longer than federal regulations permit, or if he / she got back on the road before completing their required rest period, then you may have solid evidence for a personal injury claim.

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