Slip & Fall Injuries

Plantation Slip & Fall Attorney

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises in reasonably safe conditions to prevent visitors from being injured in accidents while on their property. If a person trips, falls, or slips as the result of dangerous or hazardous conditions on someone else's property, a premises liability lawsuit may become necessary.

Premises liability law is legal responsibility of property owners for injuries suffered by persons on their property and a lawyer from our firm knows how to effectively handle claims involving this type of law. Premises liability claims can involve homeowners, business owners, and local, state, or federal governmental entities, and your attorney will need to have a thorough understanding of the separate laws which apply to each.

"Slip and fall" is a general term encompassing several different types of accidents, including:

  • Trip and Fall: Foreign objects in a walking path
  • Step and Fall: Unexpected failure of or hole in the walking surface
  • Slip and Fall: Wet or slick surfaces causing the victim to lose their balance or footing

Who is at fault for your slip and fall accident?

One of the most important aspects of any given slip and fall case is to determine who as fault. This, however, is not as simple as it appears. In many slip and fall cases, the owner of the property that the accident took place on will most likely be responsible. If this is the case, you will be able to pursue what is known as a premises liability case – and we at the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover will be able to help. For a property owner to be held liable for an accident, one of the following will need to be proven true:

  • Owner / manager caused the spill or dangerous surface.
  • Owner / manager knew about the danger, but ignored it.
  • Owner / manager should have reasonably known about the danger.

The most difficult of the above is proving what "reasonable" would be. For example, if you were shopping in a grocery store and slipped on a puddle, was it reasonable that the owner should have known about it? The answer won't be the same for every scenario. For example, it will depend on how long the spill had been there, whether they regularly examined the premises or whether poor safety conditions (such as bad lighting) contributed to the accident.

It is also important to recognize that the law also holds people personally responsible for certain situations. If it can be proven that your own careless or reckless behavior contributed to the accident, the owner may be held free of liability and you could be pinned with the blame. Should this occur, you will not be compensated in any way and will instead have to bear the brunt of related expenses on your own.

Dedicated Slip & Fall Attorney Helping Injured Victims

After choosing the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover for representation, your attorney will examine your case to determine who is at fault for your slip & fall accident. Sometimes it can be tricky to determine who exactly is at fault for a slip & fall accident because so many different entities can be involved in a single property. A person can be held liable for damages in a slip & fall accident if an attorney can prove that the owner knew or should have known there was a dangerous condition and did not take the proper actions to correct it. Once liability has been determined, your lawyer will take the necessary legal actions to recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.