Signs of Abuse

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Plantation, FL

There are thousands of individuals that are subject to abuse by the very people that are meant to be caring for them each day. Nursing home abuse is a serious issue in the nation and it is one that can go widely unrecognized. Nursing homes are meant to be an assisted living for elderly individuals that may be unable to live alone and their family is not able to provide the level of care that is needed. These homes offer day to day care, along with monitoring the health of its residents. While many of the staff members are there to care for the patients, there are some that can treat patients atrociously. There are many cases in which the wrongful treatment can lead to physical injury and internal damage as well. In certain cases it is warranted for compensation to be sought and a Plantation personal injury lawyer at our office can help.

Cases Should be Reported

A large portion of nursing home abuse cases go unrecognized and unreported. There are many reasons for why this can occur. Often times, the victims of the abuse are unwilling to speak out about it themselves. They may be embarrassed, think that no one will believe them or may be physically impaired from doing so. In these cases it is important for others to take notice and take action. This does not always happen, however, and those that are in the position to observe and report abuse may fail to recognize signs or may take no action once they do. They may worry about what if they are wrong and this fear can prevent them from freeing a person from an abusive situation.

It is critical that these cases are brought to authorities and that they are dealt with. Even if it ends up being that there is no abuse, it is better to be cautious. One study done on the issue of nursing home abuse found that out of 30 percent of homes in the country, there were around 9,000 citations of abuse during just the time from 1999 to 2001. Out of these cases, 1,601 were significant enough that they cased harm to the individual and may have even put them in danger of a fatality. It is believed that there is a substantially greater number of these incidents that have simply not been reported.

Signs of Physical, Sexual and Verbal Abuse

There are different forms that abuse can come in and these can also come with varying signs. Abuse is commonly physical, verbal or sexual and the majority of cases involve these types. Physical abuse may sometimes be more easily observed, and it is important to question any physical signs. Signs may include bruising, broken bones and even bed sores. The abuse may have been physically hurting the patient through hitting or pushing, but it can also be the neglect of them that causes the development of a decubitus ulcer.

There are also more internal signs that can be the result of emotional and psychological damage. This can be seen with any type of abuse and those that it was committed against can have more than just the outward scars. There may be a noted change in their behavior. They can become less social or even more aggressive. Eating habits of a victim may change, and along with that their body weight. Negligence is a major issue as well and the victim can appear less cared for. They may have health concerns that go unaddressed, are not given their medication, are not fed or do not have their basic hygiene taken care of. Abuse is both the outward intentional action, as well the reserved failure to act.

At the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover, our Plantation injury lawyer takes a strong stand for elderly victims that have had to suffer abuse form a caretaker at a nursing home. We know that many of these cases involve an individual that may feel helpless and uncertain of what to do. We have fought hard to seek justice for both the victim and their family. There may be valid grounds for damages since abuse can lead to significant physical harm that may require extensive medical treatment. The first step is to report the case and get in contact with our firm as soon as possible. We will begin reviewing the case to determine if there is sufficient reason to pursue further legal action.