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When seeking professional care for a health related issue, there are many ways that medical staff can look to relive the problem. One of the most serious forms involves a surgical procedure. This can be in patient or out patient, meaning the patient may have to remain in the care of the staff or may be able to leave the same day as their procedure. Surgery in a medical facility will often require that the individual is put under the effects of anesthesia so that they will be less coherent or unconscious during the procedure.

Surgery is an invasive procedure that should be taken very seriously, as it can lead to physical harm or even death. Surgeons are highly trained and are held to a certain standard of the level of medical care that they provide. In spite of their extensive training and the laws regulating their practice, there are still many cases of errors occurring to those on the operating table. A higher percentage of the medical malpractice cases in the United States are against surgeons, and around 50% of all malpractice trials in 2001 were against surgeons that practiced in 75 of the country's largest counties.

Types of Errors

There are a number of ways that an error can take place for an individual that is undergoing a procedure. An atrocious but common mistake is when the surgeon performs the operation on the wrong location of the body. This may be that the wrong area was marked, such as the right leg instead of the left leg. They may also perform the wrong form of surgery for the type of issue that the patient is dealing with. Any procedure will require the use of tools. These tools can be used in the wrong manner which leads to more harm than good. They may also be left in the individual after they are stitched up. During the surgery if the doctor is not extremely careful, they have been known to puncture an area which can lead to severe bleeding and harm the organ that was nicked.

A doctor is also responsible for the health of the patient after the procedure to look out for and prevent infection. When they become careless, they can fail to take actions to guard against this. Infection, if not caught and treated early on can continue to worsen and may lead to serious issues, further harming an individual that has already faced health concerns. Unfortunately, surgical error can also lead to a wrongful death and families may experience the loss of a loved one after they have had a procedure go wrong. Some of the deaths that occur on the operating table were unpreventable, but many are also a direct result of the negligent actions of medical staff.

Reasons Surgical Error Occurs

Surgeons can be responsible for serious health problems that are faced by a patient that received low quality care. Even with training there are a number of reasons that can lead them to be careless in an event that should demand their full attention. Communication errors may be to blame and having a misunderstanding between staff and a patient may result in any of the previous types of mistakes. Being tired can also be a reason and with the long hours and extensive procedures that surgeons perform, they can be at less than their best when the put a knife in their hand. When tired, this can make them less alert and attentive. Something simple can slip by such as the fact that they left one of their instruments in the patient when they closed them up. The failure of equipment may also be at fault and it is important the any device used during surgery is always up to standard. Negligence is always a large factor, when the surgeon is simply not given the dedication that is necessary.

Medical malpractice cases are taken out each year, with many of them having to do with a surgical error. It is the patient that suffers in any of these situations and they can be left dealing with the outcome for years to come. A surgical error can also leave patients that were already suffering with their health, dealing with additional complications on top of those they already face. When a surgeon has performed an error during your surgery leaving you with an injury, the cost of it can be high financially, physically and emotionally. Compensation may be in order and a Plantation personal injury attorney from our office will continually strive to earn the damages that are owed to you.

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