Equipment Malfunction

Equipment Malfunction

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While you are receiving medical care from a hospital or medical professional, it is their responsibility to make sure that you are cared for properly. If something goes wrong and you receive an injury, then they should be held responsible for all the damages that you suffered. If you have experienced issues due to the negligence of a medical professional, then you may be able to get compensation for their medical malpractice. Hire a Plantation personal injury attorney from Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover to defend your rights against the offending party.

One of the ways that you may have been injured is by the breakdown of medical equipment. Currently, there is a high risk of a malfunction or a medical professional making a mistake, especially with the increasingly complex machinery. The failure of a machine to operate properly can lead to serious harm for a patient, sometimes even resulting in death.

What could happen?

In a hospital there is a huge range of different types of equipment, varying from an IV pump to large surgical machines. If a machine is not properly maintained and cleaned, then something as little as a dead battery could have serious consequences. The hospital doctors and staff are supposed to regularly check that machines are working properly, but sometimes they forget or become distracted from their task.

Another common issue that results in equipment malfunction is human error while using a machine. Some medical professionals are not trained in how to use a particular piece of equipment, and then use it improperly. Sometimes, nurses and doctors forget to turn on alarms that alert them to a patient's condition, which can result in serious damages. Whatever the error, a medical professional is responsible for making sure that they know how to use a machine and have properly adjusted all the correct settings to ensure a patient's health.

Lastly, medical equipment may fail because it was defective since the beginning. It might have been poorly designed or manufactured incorrectly which led to a breakdown that unfortunately affected a patient. If a service professional was required to oversee the use of a product, they may be at fault since it is their job to make sure a product works properly. In this case, the manufacturing company, design company, or service professional may also be held liable for the damages along with the hospital.

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In the case of a medical equipment malfunction, it is entirely the fault of the hospital or product manufacturer to reimburse you for the damages. You have entrusted your well-being to them and it is their responsibility to make sure that you are cared for according to the highest standard. To demonstrate their medical malpractice, you need to show that they were legally responsible for the error, which can be somewhat complex.

If you hire a Plantation personal injury attorney from my firm, then I will carefully investigate the nature of your case and enlist the help of other medical professionals to assess what should have happened. If we can prove that the defendant failed in their duty to provide proper care and you suffered because of it, then we can get you the maximum compensation that you deserve. Don't get overwhelmed by the burden of filing a lawsuit, let us help! We care about your future and defending your rights.

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