Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries

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For those that suffer a catastrophic injury, a traumatic brain injury is one of the most devastating ones you may have to deal with. More than just physical damage, a TBI can affect almost every area of a person's functioning. Traumatic brain injuries are unfortunately suffered by many individuals on a yearly basis. They can result from just about any type of accident and leave the victims with a variety of repercussions.

Estimates from the Center for Disease Control have stated that around 1.7 million individuals face this situation each year. Many of these will lead to a permanent disability, while others will cause a fatality. These injuries are believed to contribute to around a third of the injury related deaths that occur in the United States. Those most commonly victims include children between the ages of 0 to 4 or 15 to 19, along with adults 65 years or above. It is those 75 years and older that deal with hospitalization or fatality the most often.

Anatomy of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The brain is the main control unit of the body. Together with the spinal cord it makes up the central nervous system and is a power house for a range of functions. While in the ancient times some cultures believed that the brain served no function, today we recognize it as one of the most important organs in the body. It is the most complex part of the body, meaning there are many areas under its control that can be disturbed.

The brain is made up of different lobes which correspond to different areas of the body. Protected by a complete enclosure from the skull, this area of the body is highly sensitive. A TBI can be the result of a blow, jolt or bump to the head, as well as a penetration of the scull. The damage can be isolated to a certain area of the brain or may not be as localized. There are two forms, known as a penetrating and a closed TBI. A penetrating one can be a sharp object, bullet or other foreign object that traverses through the skull and into the brain itself. A close TBI can still cause damage without actually going through the skull. This is caused through forceful movement of the organ.

The Effects of Brain Damage on a Life

The brain can be affected in different ways, whether it is through a significant blow to the head from taking a fall or is a piece of the skull that finds its way into the brain. The damage can be seen in a number of ways, including physically. Since the brain is the main controller of the nervous system, the control a person has over their body can be altered. This may be over muscle control, and some victims can even face paralysis. Senses can be affected, altering a person's ability to feel or smell. It can also change mental abilities and a person can find themselves thinking differently, or unable to remember or reason through information. They can experience different emotions, becoming more anxious or aggressive.

It is a devastating event for the families of a TBI victim when they are forced to watch their loved one suffer and turn into someone they do not even recognize. It can change many aspects of their personality so that they are no longer themselves. Some illnesses are already more common the older a person becomes and suffering a TBI can increase the chance for some of these.

Overview: Mild to Severe TBI Cases

Traumatic brain injuries can be mild to severe. Some of them will resolve easily while others will never fully be repaired. A mild TBI may lead to a concussion, which will typically be recovered from fast. These can include feeling foggy, having trouble remembering or concentrating, ranging emotions, different sleep patterns, feeling dizzy or being sensitive to light and noise.

While a concussion can usually be resolved fairly easy, it is usually best to seek medical attention since they can sometimes lead to further trouble. It is important to see a doctor when vomiting, numbness, slurred speech or a constant headache occurs. Even more immediate and requiring a visit to the emergency room is the presence of a change in pupil sizes, unusual behavior, seizures, confusion, loss of consciousness or extreme drowsiness.

Severe traumatic brain injuries will always need immediate medical attention, since the situation may only continue to worsen over an extended length of time. There will be a large toll from these instances. They can stem to a person's day to day life, including financially, emotionally, physically and socially. Many of the victims will need ongoing medical attention of the care of a loved one

The cost of these ongoing medical expenses is significant, being responsible for billions of dollars each year. Those that deal with these can face an incredibly high amount of medical expenses. There may be the initial hospital stay and the possibility of reoccurring healthcare costs. For families that have lost a loved one, they can deal with the expense of a hospital stay before their loved one passes, and even the funeral expenses afterwards. It is often critical to seek compensation in these cases to reduce the amount that is suffered.

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