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Soft Tissue Damage

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Soft tissue damage is one of the injuries that can be suffered in an accident and it is most often sustained by those that are in a vehicle accident or sustain a sports related injury. This type of harm can lead to various results and it is often in your best interest to have the injuries accessed by a professional to better understand the full scope of what you are dealing with. It is also important that you speak with a Plantation personal injury attorney that can evaluate your case and help determine if there is cause to move forward with a case.

What is soft tissue damage?

Soft tissue damage is different than many other types of injuries. The signs of it are not always immediate so it is common for a victim to believe they are fine and to then later complain of constant pain. In these incidents it is the tendons, muscles and ligaments that can suffer harm. Most often it will be seen through swelling, a reduction in functional control, sprains, pain or bruising, also known as contusions. A sprain is when the ligaments that connect the bones are torn or stretched. A strain is when the tendon is stretched out or fully torn. Those with soft tissue damage can deal with muscle spasms or long and painful headaches that can continue on for any length of time. It can be caused by overuse of the area, but it is also likely that a forceful event was the reason. In a car accident, many people suffer whip lash when their head is moved front to back or side to side in a fast and forceful manner. Wearing a seatbelt can help reduce the amount of forceful movement, but even those that are being safe and wearing a seatbelt can deal with significant pain. For those that are healing from the physical harm, they can deal with tendonitis which is inflammation that is typically accompanied by redness, swelling and pain.

Diagnosing an Injury

These injuries can be challenging to diagnose and an experienced medical staff should be sought for their expert opinion. There are not always outward signs and further inquiries may be necessary to evaluate the situation. Having dealt with similar circumstances they are often able to more accurately determine if the injury is damage to soft tissue. They can also run additional tests that can give them further insight. It is hard to really tell if there is damage with just observation alone so an x-ray or MRI may also be used.

Treatment Options

Since not all soft tissue damage is the same, the treatment plan will need to be based uniquely on the injured person's needs. For many of these injuries, the area that has been hurt should be iced and elevated to reduce swelling. This is best during the first three days, when fluid loss and bleeding would be occurring. Resting is also one of the best forms of medicine and an injured party should not overexert themselves. Sometimes the pain will go away on its own, but if it remains after 24 hours then it may be necessary to speak with a medical professional. A doctor will be able to offer suitable treatment options and may prescribe medication until the healing process is complete.

Why a Personal Injury Case May be Necessary

Like other forms of injuries, soft tissue damage can force the victims to seek medical attention. They may be left paying the cost when it comes to medical bills or lost time at work. Sometimes there is someone at fault for the accident and it may be necessary that they are held accountable for their actions. Our team has dealt with countless injury cases, aiding the victims and their families to find the ending that they deserve. We can review your case and formulate a plan for how to proceed. Our experience allows us to better understand the options that are available and the moves that must be taken in order to increase the chances of a positive outcome. If you have soft tissue damage that is causing you pain or even forced you to miss work time, contact our firm and speak with a member of the team. There is hope and we may be able to earn you compensation as we have for many others in the past.

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