Loss of Limb

Loss of Limbs

Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Plantation, FL

There are many ways that an accident can influence its victims. You may be burned, suffer a traumatic brain injury, deal with damage to your spinal cord, or some other type of a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries are those that can be long term or can take the lives of those that are injured. They can cause extensive damage that may not only lead to a number of difficulties, but can greatly alter the lives of those that become victims.

Examples and Causes of Limb Loss

Another form of catastrophic injuries is when the damage is severe enough that it leads to the loss of one or more limbs. There are a number of ways that this issue can arise. The main reasons that a limb would be loss are due to issues of circulation, a traumatic accident, a birth defect or a form of cancer. A birth defect can take place during the pregnancy or the actual birthing process. A common reason is when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the child. This can cut off circulation to the area and can result in the loss of functioning. Limbs may be severed in the event of an unexpected accident.

It may be a car accident and the crushing of the car causes the metal to cut through the leg of a passenger. Another way that limbs may be lost is when they are crushed and become nonfunctioning. It may be beyond the point of repair and the cosmetic damage as well is something that surgeons are unable to fix. Rather than trying to piece it back together when this is impossible (the circulation may have been cut off and the leg will not only not function but will begin to display the effects of no blood flow), they can amputate the area. This may be necessary in many instances to save the person from further damage.

They may have sustained gangrene, which is when the body tissue dies. It can be from an infection or an injury and the main culprit of it is a low flow of blood to the area. Amputation of the area is often a form of treatment and this can prevent the problem from spreading. Amputation may also be necessary when an area of the body was badly burned. There are different degrees of a burn and some work their way down to the bone, leading the area to be beyond repair.

The Impact is More Than Just Physical

For those that do lose a limb, whether it is your arms or your legs, this can be a traumatizing event. There may be severe pain or what some describe as phantom pain. While the limb may be gone, mentally, the victim can still feel pain in that area. There may be surgical complications that come from the original procedure and the patient can deal with an extension of the medical treatment. There is often a significant loss of functioning initially.

Those that experience this will need to relearn many things and how to carry out their daily activities with a reduction in physical capabilities. This may require rehabilitative treatments of the use of prosthetic devices. Some may become reliant on other people to help them. It may be one limb that is lost, or others have dealt with all four. The cost of losing a limb can incredibly high. There is the initial surgical costs and hospital stay and it is likely that there will be a number of additional expenses after this.

Those injured may be unable to perform the duties of their job and will either need to find a new line of work or may be impaired enough that they are no longer able to hold a job. There can be many issues of depression for loss of limb victims and they can struggle to cope with their loss, as well as the limited functioning. Many of these cases will warrant damages be pursued. There may be a negligent party that was behind the accident, such as a driver that was reckless or a doctor that was negligent in carrying out their responsibilities to a birthing mother.

Personalized Representation from a Plantation Injury Lawyer

In any of these situations, the case should be brought to the attention of a skilled attorney who can review and determine where to go from there. At the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover, a Plantation injury attorney is well versed in injury cases and recognizes the many components to them. We are here to help you move forward in the best way possible and want your case to be the first step towards a new future. Call us today and find out more about what we can do for those that have lost a limb.

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