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Catastrophic Injuries: Burn Injuries

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Catastrophic injuries are more than just the average injury. They include more serious cases of damage that may never be fully reversed. There are a number of different types that can be suffered, one of which is burn injuries. Burn injuries can range dramatically with some individuals receiving only a small burn that can be treated at home, while other individuals deal with burns that can change them for life or even lead to fatality.

Forms of a Burn

Burn injuries can be the result of a number of sources. There are different types of heat and these can leave their own form of a burn. A Chemical burn can be the result of coming into contact with some form of a chemical, whether it is in gas, liquid or solid form. A friction burn is commonly known as road rash and is the result of skin rubbing up against something such as the pavement or a rug. This will typically result in a combination of a burn and the scraping of the skin. An electrical burn can result from a mishap with an electrical source such as an outlet, or even being struck by lightning. A Heat burn is a common type and may be suffered by those that come in contact with hot items such as a liquid, steam or fire. It may be the accidental spilling of a boiling pot of water or a child that gets too close to an open flame that is to blame.

A radiation burn can occur from exposure to tanning booths, radiation therapy, an X-ray machine or even the sun. Some may experience mild burns of the skin which can be cooled and healed through the use of aloe. Others can require medical treatment when the skin becomes singed and blisters. A cold temperature burn happens when the skin is exposed to extremely cold temperature, wind or water. This may show itself through damage such as frost bite where the area will need to be amputated. Burns can move internally by burning through the outer skin or by entering the lungs when the individual breathes in. There is no limit to the amount of damage that they are able to cause, and they can damage the skin, nerves, muscle and even make their way all the way to the bone.

The Four Degrees of a Burn

The amount of damage and the level through which a burn continues are categorized by different degrees. A first degree burn, or superficial burn, will be on the initial layer of skin (the epidermis) and may be seen through erythema, which is the reddening of the skin. There will be some discomfort but it should not be severe and it can be treated more easily. A second degree burn comes in two parts. The first is a superficial partial-thickness burn which includes damage to the outer layer of skin and the upper portion of the dermis layer. Blisters and blanching of the skin will likely be present and these cases are more common amongst scalding cases. They can be treated on an outpatient basis and a typical recovery will range from one to three weeks.

The other form of a second degree burn is known as a deep partial thickness burn. This will harm the epidermis and will makes its way through the majority of the dermis layer. Those with a deep partial thickness burn will often experience sensitivity and the skin can appear to have a whitish color, along with lower blood circulation. It can take around a month to heal and may need excision of the damaged area and a skin graft. A third degree burn will extend through the epidermis, dermis and to the subcutaneous tissue where it will cause the area to look leathery and dry. Since the nerves are likely to be affected, these forms will often not be felt by those affected. For those that have a third degree burn, it is likely that a skin graft will be needed. A fourth degree burn moves through the skin, down to the muscle and bone. It is necessary that these be treated with immediate medical attention and there may be a need for amputation of the harmed area.

Getting Help When you Have Been Injured

A burn injury may be the result of another person's negligence and if you have been the victim in an accident, you may be dealing with any number of expenses. A Plantation injury lawyer can seek compensation on your behalf to help cover these costs and provide you with the opportunity to heal. You first priority should be to get the medical treatment that you need and after that has been addressed we can then begin handling the legal side of the situation.

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