Broken Bones

Broken Bone Injuries

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An accident can come out of nowhere and leave you suffering the ramifications. There are many types of injuries that can occur and broken bones are a common one. These types of injuries will need to receive medical attention and depending on the extent of the injury and the location, recovery time can take months. In some cases the damage can be long term and a victim may never fully recover. Contact a Plantation injury attorney from our firm if you have been involved in an accident that has left you suffering with broken bones.

Causes and Symptoms of Broken Bones

A bone can typically be broken when it is faced with a significant amount of pressure. If the force on it is enough then the bone can split or break completely in half. The break may occur from a taking a fall, from a blow, in a car accident or through repetitive stress such as what a runner can face. Symptoms can vary and may change over time. It may include severe pain, bleeding, swelling, reduced functioning of limb, a numb feeling, blurry vision and more. Even being proactive does not mean that you can avoid the possibility of an accident altogether. Treatment for these injuries can vary and a medical professional should assess it to determine the right plan of action. Sometimes a dislocated bone can appear as though it is a broken bone but medical attention will be needed in both situations.

A healthcare worker may need to reset the bone and put on a cast to allow for the bone to heal in the correct position. Some injuries can lead to the need for further medical attention. If an infection is suffered then this will only increase the time length for recovery and can lead to additional complications. While a broken bone should be looked at by a professional, some of them will need more immediate attention. It should be considered an emergency when there is substantial bleeding, the bone is sticking out of the skin, bones around the hip region are believed to be broken, the broken bone is in the head, neck or back or the area around the injury appears to not be getting any blood circulation.

What can our Plantation injury attorney do?

At the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover we have an extensive experience in personal injury cases and understand what it takes to find results. If broken bones are suffered medical attention should be the first priority. Next, get in touch with a professional and make sure that you keep track of any records regarding the injury. This can include a report of the accident or medical records from when you entered the hospital. We can investigate you situation and determine how the individual wronged you. It is important for this to be shown in a case in order to retain compensation. We can assess if they acted negligently and how this may have caused the accident and injuries.

When suffering from broken bones, you can be severely debilitated. We make it our goal to gain you the outcome that is needed in order for you to receive medical attention and not be weighed down by the cost. A broken bone can also make you unable to perform your job and we will seek lost wages if this is the case. An insurance company will likely try to give you a settlement and we can review it to protect you against taking less than you should. Get in touch with us today for honesty, integrity and results in your case.

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