Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents

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An auto collision can be a catastrophic event. The large weight of a vehicle and the force when it is traveling at high speeds are a combination that proves to be deadly thousands of times each year. There are many reasons that can leave a driver failing to operate their car in the manner they should be. It may be a distraction that leads them astray, or they are simply being negligent. One of the most common causes behind vehicle collisions, and particularly those leading to a death, are accidents in which a driver had alcohol in their system. It is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content level of .08 percent or higher, but even those with a level below this can be too impaired to drive safely.

The Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol can begin to alter a person's state of mind and reactions in a number of ways. They can become more relaxed and fail to recognize dangers, and they may have blurred vision or can lose all inhibition and begin driving recklessly. Alcohol can cause a person to make irrational decisions that they would normally avoid. The legal limit of .08 percent is established by the government because it is found that at this point a person will be too impaired to drive. Since different people can handle differing amounts of alcohol in their system, dictating an across the board rule of how many drinks a person could have before being impaired is not sufficient. The BAC level allows for more of a percentage basis that takes into account the age, weight and height of the person which can all affect the influence alcohol has on them. At .08 percent a person can become seriously impaired, and this will only increase the higher that their BAC level rises.

While all car accidents can result in serious damage, the lack of judgment and reactions that is found amongst drunk drivers can cause these cases to be far more harmful. Each day there are around 30 deaths that are caused by a collision that involved an impaired driver. That comes out to around one death every 48 minutes. 2010 saw around a third of all traffic caused deaths caused by drunk drivers. Driving under the influence is an extreme problem in the country and millions are taken into custody on a yearly basis after being suspected by officers.

Costs of Drunk Driving Accidents

The price of these incidents is incredibly high, and around $51 billion results from these accidents per year. For those that are victimized by a drunk driver, they can have their life changed drastically in a few short moments. Even being a cautious driver is not always enough to avoid a car coming the wrong direction in traffic or speeding in and out of lanes. The injuries are often serious, with many victims dealing with spinal cord injuries traumatic brain injuries broken bones, severed limbs and more. The cost of a collision can continue to build up through repairs, medical expenses and more. For those involved in these events, it is wise to seek medical attention to ensure that the damage is addressed or that all passengers and drivers are ok.

While medical attention is not an option to avoid, the cost of it can be extreme. Even the initial hospital visit that may be needed by many can be a high cost. This will often be even more significant for those that are brought to the emergency room. After this, many victims can require continuing care until they are healed or they learn to deal with the new impairment. There may also be the necessity to make modifications to a home or car to adjust to the new disability. Another expense can come when wages are lost by a victim that is restricted from being able to work. On top of the financial costs, these situations can be emotional and traumatic. Those that have their lives changed from someone who decided to get behind the wheel after drinking have a right to be compensated. Even still, damages are not often enough to repair what was done, but it can be a starting point to gain justice.

Preventative Measures

There are many measures that have been taken to reduce the frequency of drunk driving accidents, including higher law enforcement numbers out there looking for drunk drivers, checkpoints and high penalties. Probation is also ordered to those convicted and this can be an extended period for those that have multiple offenses. They might even have their license suspended or revoked completely. In spite of this, it is a still a prevalent occurrence that unfortunately takes a toll on those that are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some convicted individuals will ignore the restrictions that are placed on them and it might not be until they cause and accident that law enforcement becomes aware that they are violating the terms of their probation.

Our firm has great compassion for those that are faced with this reality; whether you experienced the injury yourself or have lost a loved one from a driver that was intoxicated. We will do everything within our power to find a solution that can begin to alleviate the devastation. Our team has been a support system and strong representative for many people that are dealing with these cases. Call a Plantation auto accident lawyer today to get started.

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