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What to Do After a Car Accident

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As a single car accident can cause catastrophic injuries and massive amounts of property damage, there might be thousands of dollars' worth of repairs and recoveries hanging in the balance. If you do not know what to do after being in a car accident, a single mistake or misstep might shift the liability onto you. To better help our clients, our Plantation personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover has provided a comprehensive list of what to do and what not to do after being in a car accident.

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Call the Authorities When Necessary

If someone has been hurt, Florida State law mandates that the police should be notified. You will also need their assistance if the person who struck you in an uninsured motorist. For many car accident scenarios, it is just a smart move to get law enforcement there; at the very least, you can ask them to provide you with a report of their findings that might be used to your advantage later. Be sure you do not say anything that might suggest that you are at fault, though – just let them know what happened.

Take Pictures of the Crash

We all know that you should not use your cell phone while driving but the device can come in handy now. From as many angles as you deem necessary, use it to snap pictures of the entire scene, including:

  • Your vehicle
  • Other vehicles involved
  • The street you were driving on
  • Weather conditions
  • Property damage
  • Injuries

Do not get camera shy – the more photographs, the better. If you do not have a mobile phone with a camera attachment, it is a wise investment to get a disposable camera to keep in your glove compartment.

Talk to Witnesses

If anyone has stopped to help or observe what is going on, you should ask them if they are comfortable with providing you with a statement. Some people consider themselves good Samaritans and will eagerly tell you what they saw.

Never Admit Fault

Do not say that you are to blame in any way, even if you think you might be. After all, you probably have no idea how distracted the other driver might have been, and had they been paying full attention, the entire collision might have been avoided. Once you do admit fault, insurance companies are going to pin blame on you and it can be extremely difficult to shake it off. As awkward as it might sound, you should also not apologize, as this can be seen as an admission of guilt.

Call a Plantation Car Accident Attorney

Perhaps the most important step of them all, get a professional lawyer in your corner as soon as possible. There are plenty of laws and litigation techniques that you might not even know exist that could be important to your claims. With legal counsel, you can be sure that you are not missing crucial bits of evidence and taking all appropriate steps in your case. You should also let your attorney do all the talking with any insurance companies, just to be sure you do not say something that shifts liability onto you.

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