After an Accident

What Should You do After a Car Accident?

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Millions of vehicle accidents take place each year, causing considerable damage. With so many people finding themselves in these situations, it is important to know what to do in the initial moments after an accident and in the events following.

After the car accident, the first thing that should be looked at is if anyone has suffered an injury. If everyone is fine, then you should get to an area that is safer. Do not get out of the car and pull the car to the side of the road if you are able to do so. If you cannot get to the side of the road, stay in the car with your seatbelt on until help gets there. If medical attention is needed, this should be the first thing that is addressed. Even if your injuries do not seem too substantial, it is best that you get them looked at so you can be sure there are no deeper issues. If everyone is OK, information should then be exchanged.

What information should be exchanged?

You want to get the name of the other driver and passengers, their license plate number, phone number, address, a driver's license number, insurance company and insurance policy number. It is a good idea to take pictures, both of their information and of the accident itself. If there are any witnesses, you should get their information as well so they can be contacted.

Do I need a police report?

An officer may be called to the scene or you can make the call yourself. They will make a report of the incident, which you should obtain a copy of. Make sure that you only discuss the details of the accident with them and not with the other driver. You also should not admit any fault. The facts of the case can be assessed and fault will later be established but at this point you do not want to get into who did what and say anything to weaken your case.

Do I speak with the insurance company?

You will need to make a report with your insurance company so they are aware of the incident. The provider of the other driver will want to hear your side as well and they may try to pressure you into giving a report early on. Speak to an attorney before divulging any information to them. They will likely just be looking for information to use against you and you should be advised by your representation on what to tell them.

When do I need an attorney?

After you have received medical attention, you want to contact a professional. There are many steps in a personal injury case and an error can reduce the amount of compensation that you receive so legal assistance is vital from the start. A Plantation auto accident attorney can be there to ensure that your side of the case is properly represented. This will include negotiating on your behalf, or litigating if you are unable to get the compensation you are owed through a claim.

How do I know if I am eligible for compensation?

The best way to determine this is by having your case reviewed by an attorney. There is a responsibility when driving and if it can be shown that the other driver got behind the wheel in a careless manner, this may be grounds for a case. The court will want to see that it was their error that was responsible for the accident and the injuries. Compensation may be used for healthcare costs, lost wages and additional suffering. Contact a car accident lawyer in Plantation as soon as possible after you are involved in an accident.

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