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Jason T. Corsover is a Plantation personal injury lawyer who has been representing the interests of his clients for more than a decade. He takes great pride in being able to deliver results for accident victims and their families after these devastating situations. His firm operates on honesty and integrity. He is up front with his clients and keeps them in the loop throughout the process. While some attorneys try to elaborate on their services, Attorney Corsover is honest from start to finish. His clients know where they stand and they have the assurance that they are working with a professional whom they can trust.

Compassionate service is something that is offered by Attorney Corsover and he considers each case to carry great importance. That is why he works relentlessly, making every effort to retain full compensation for those whom he represents. He has a strong grasp on personal injury law and the process of handling these cases, and he uses his abilities to retain just outcomes. While he could have practiced law in a number of other areas, he has a passion for personal injury law and having the chance to gain just results.

Attorney Jason Corsover and His Family

He is a native of Florida and was raised in the southern portion of the state. He graduated from the Florida State University with his under graduate degree and then went on to the Nova Southeastern University where he earned his J.D. in 1999. His time in law school was spent excelling in his studies but also expanding his knowledge in other ways. He interned for the United Nations in New York, along with authoring an article that was published by the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law: "The Logical Next Step: An International Perspective on Human Cloning and Genetic Technology."

Today he represents clients in Florida with a wide range of personal injury cases. He is licensed to practice before the United State District Court Southern District, the 11 th Circuit of Appeals. He has also argued before the Fourth District Court of Appeals in Florida. He is presently a member of the local bar associations, along with being a member of the trial attorney organizations. He is able to handle a case at all levels, whether in negotiations processes or taking a case to court. He is prepared to do what it takes to get the results that he knows his clients deserve. Each week he deals with insurance companies that try to give his clients less than they should be and his background in this area of the law allows him to better recognize when he should keep fighting for a better resolution.

Attorney Jason Corsover never sees a person as a just case and his clients are treated with respect and compassion. It is evident that he has a great concern for each client and that he puts his full effort into retaining results for them. He is a dedicated professional that defines his representation through an unwavering commitment to results and a strong compassion for those that he has the chance to work with. There are many attorneys out there that are concerned with just bringing the case to a close but for Attorney Corsover he is far more concerned with how it works out for his client. He looks at their situation as a whole so that he can effectively articulate to the insurance company or to the court how much his client has been effective. By providing a more thorough view of the level of damage he is able to demonstrate the full need for compensation that assists them now and in the future.

Wondering where to begin in your case? It can be an overwhelming thing to have to deal with an injury and then worry about a legal matter. Attorney Corsover is there to provide peace of mind and take the reins.

Start with a free consultation where he can discuss your case with you to determine the next step.
His extensive experience allows him to simplify a case while not compromising the level of results in any ways. Attorney Corsover may not be able to guarantee the results of your case but he can guarantee that he will put his full effort into retaining a solution that works for you. He goes above and beyond each day and may be able to do the same for you. Call now or fill out an online contact form.

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