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Accidents often occur without any notice. You may not have been prepared for the injury you suffered but you can be prepared for your legal case with the skill and determination of a Plantation personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover. The city of Plantation is smaller when compared to some of the larger local cities, however, it still boasts over 80,000 residents, and provides a desired location for many travelers. Situated on 22 square miles in Broward County, with prime real estate not far from the beach, there are countless activities to discover in the city.

With many advantages to living in the city, there are also downfalls that can come along with it. The grass is greener® in Plantation, FL but this doesn't always prove true for everyone. Many are injured in the local area as a result of an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident and more. If this is you, there may be grounds for an injury claim or law suit and you are highly advised to discuss this case further with an attorney at our office. We provide a picture of what your case is worth, as well as the tactics we will implement when looking to secure you the highest settlement or verdict available.

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The weather in the city is often ideal making it common for residents to be out walking or on their bicycles. Unfortunately, a number of people deal with bicycle and pedestrian related accidents each year and these instances can be extremely harmful when those involved are struck by a car with little to nothing to protect them from its force. The BCT is used by many for transportation, along with other buses and catastrophic injuries can often be inflicted for those either riding on or struck by a bus. With the close proximity to the water and the prevalence of canals in the state, many will deal with water related injuries. This may involve a jet ski or may happen on a cruise ship, and the state is known to have one of the highest percentages of recreational boating fatalities in the country. We have handled many similar cases before, finding a resolution that works in favor of our clients.

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In addition, we provide personal, qualified legal representation in issues of nursing home abuse, dog bites and premises liability. Each situation is unique and we treat it as such, reviewing the details meticulously before building a strong case that demonstrates our clients' right to compensation. The founding attorney at the firm devoted the legal practice of the office to personal injury, and our team is committed to both the injured victims, as well as their families. This includes seeking justice in cases of wrongful death when careless actions take the life of another individual. There are many reasons why you should hire an attorney and you can learn more about the exceptional services provided by our firm when you contact us directly. Call 954-246-4505 today!

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