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Seeking Full Compensation for Injuries

Have you suffered an injury in the Palm Beach County area? Whether it requires a limited hospital stay or results in a catastrophic injury that necessitates the need for long term care, the cost can be more than you can afford or should have to pay for. Many instances are caused by the mistake of another person and you should not have to pay for their error any more than you already have.

Palm Beach County is the largest county in the state, size wise, but also boasts the third highest population at more than 1,300,000. The name is very straight forward and this area was named for the expansive beaches and beautiful palm trees located here. Unfortunately, this paradise can be ruined when an injury is sustained from a:

The desirable location of this area has caused it to have a high cost of living compared to the rest of the country, and an injury only adds to the financial burden of residents. Some of the locals in the area have been placed into a nursing home where their family believes they will be given attention and treatment at a level that they are unable to provide due to any number of reasons. Family members can be shaken and disturbed when they discover that workers of a nursing home inflicted abuse among their loved one, rather than the care that was promised to them.

Legal Counsel for Victims and Their Families

At the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover, we know all too well the challenging position you are in. We have walked along side many clients that must juggle a debilitating and emotionally draining injury, on top of pursuing damages through an injury claim. The firm is devoted to serving those injured in a motorcycle accident or bicycle accident, as well as representing the families of those lost through a wrongful death. If you were injured on another person's property, you may have grounds for a premises liability case. It will need to be established that they were at fault for failing to provide a safe environment and we can help you with this.

Our in depth knowledge of injury law, along with our commitment to the victims of accidents has continually driven us to offer legal guidance that is above the average. While many attorneys try to cover numerous areas of the law, our team has put our focus to protecting those we believe deserve a strong voice and representative when going up against forceful insurance companies and other liable parties. In order to obtain damages in any personal injury case, you will need to prove that another person had a responsibility, and that their negligence cost you both physically and financially.

Helping Win Verdicts and Settlements

We have assisted many of our clients to do just this, winning a verdict or settlement in their favor that provides them with compensation for their medical expenses, lost income and additional damages. There are many questions that you are more than likely to have and speaking with a member of our team is the first step towards having your case resolved. We can review your situation to determine how much your case is worth and can also help you understand the importance of having an attorney by your side. Call our firm today to speak to a Palm Beach County injury attorney!

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