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Dedicated Representation For Accident Victims

At the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover we believe that the victims of an accident have a right to fair and just compensation. That is why we have devoted ourselves to understanding the ins and outs of personal injury law, allowing us to offer a high level of representation to clients in the Broward County Area. With a population over 1,780,000, Broward County is not only one of the most populated counties in all of Florida, it is one of the most populated counties in the nation. More people can often mean a greater likelihood of personal injuries. If you are a loved one have suffered an injury at the hands of another person, speak to a Broward County personal injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. We offer personalized representation and devoted care to each and every case.

Injuries Caused by Negligence

Located along the eastern side of the state, Broward County is home to many recreational activities that take place on the water. Estimations state that over 8% of the county is actually water. While enjoying the Atlantic Ocean, there is still the risk of an accident occurring, and our firm is able to handle:

In an area so large and populated, transportation is an important factor. Accidents can occur anywhere and with the large incorporation of Interstate 95, Interstate 75, Interstate 595 and other road ways, there is great chance of an auto accident, motorcycle or truck accident occurring. The majority of people choose to drive their car (around 80% drive their car alone and 12% carpool), while others take advantage of the warm weather and may walk or ride a bike. Pedestrians and bicyclists, however, may also face injury from a distracted or negligent driver. Others may find themselves victim to a bus accident when riding the local Broward County Transit (BCT) or other buses.

With the high population in the county, there are people from all walks of life, including all ages. Some of these are elderly individuals and with estimates of over 5,000 residents in nursing homes, they may sustain an illness or physical harm from nursing home abuse. We know how emotionally difficult these and other cases can be, which is why we provide a unique blend of compassion, sensitivity and a persistently high standard of legal representation. We bring this same level of quality attention to cases of premises liability, for those that are harmed on another person's property, to the victims of a dog bite, and in the particularly challenging instances of a wrongful death.

What can a Broward County personal injury lawyer do for you?

If you are wondering why you should even hire an attorney, there are many reasons that make it the best decision in many cases. Regardless of how your injury was suffered, our team has a comprehensive understanding of the law. The way your case is handled is a critical part of whether or not you are given the amount of compensation you rightfully deserve, let alone compensation at all. We understand the process from beginning to end and can help with the initial proceedings of taking out a claim or lawsuit against those responsible, to the final resolution.

Often times the most crucial part of a case is to establish fault. This will mean investigating evidence and building a case that accurately displays that the negligence of another person was the factor in an injury being sustained. An attorney can help do this and understands what will be looked at in order to determine if there is a valid claim to compensation. We can help determine what your case is worth and will move forward, relentlessly pursuing a settlement or verdict that meets this value. Call our office as soon as possible to begin pursuing damages with the help of a skilled legal professional.

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